Bible Course




MONDAY At 7.30pm

THURSDAY at 1.30pm

Introducing the Bible

September 10th

September 13th

Creation & Covenant

September 17th

September 20th

Exodus & Promised Land

September 24th

September 27th 

Judges & Kings

October 1st

October 4th

Exile & Prophets

October 8th 

October 18th 

Jesus & the Gospels

October 15th 

October 25th 

Acts & the Church

October 22nd 

November 8th

Revelation & Review

November 5th

November 15th


A typical meeting will be 1 hour 30 minutes as follows: 

  • Welcome from the Course host
  • 15 minute teaching video
  • 25 minute discussion time
  • 15 minute teaching video
  • 20 minute discussion time
  • 10 minute personal reflection to finish
  • Optional Daily readings between sessions

ALL ARE WELCOME whether you have any Bible knowledge or not.

 Please sign up beforehand so that Course booklets can be ordered