Covid 19 FAQ - Service in the building

Do I have to wear a facemask?
Yes, in the interest of everyone attending, please wear an appropriate face covering.

How do I know which seat to sit in?
The stewards present will take you to your seat.

Will we be socially distant?
Absolutely! Chairs are arranged two meters away from each other.

What time should I arrive?
Doors will be open at 10:45am.

How do I book my place?
To book your place, contact Helen by ringing or texting 07957414970 by Friday 5pm.

Are we allowed to sing?
Unfortunately, due to government restrictions, we are not able to sing or hum the words. The hymns will still be played by the organist/band for us to reflect upon in silence.

How long will the service be?
Due to restrictions, the service cannot last longer than 45 minutes.

What happens at the end of the service?
At the end of the service, please remain in your seat and a steward will inform you when it is safe to leave to avoid congestion exiting the church.