Worship during the Coronavirus 

Sunday 25th October 2020 9.30am Live stream order of service can be found here

On Sundays at 9.30am I will be leading an act of worship which will be available live on the internet on the church Facebook page (Midsomer Norton Methodist Church) and soon after the service has finished (about 10.30am) on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL7u_m6TjAI59QlMyX31tBw  this enables us to be ‘virtually’ together. 

I have attached the order of service so that we can share together in our homes. The advantage for you of being at home is you can have your coffee (and maybe a chocolate biscuit or two !)  by your side !! Even if you are not on Facebook, please join me at 10.30am and use the attached order.

Can I put in a special plea that if you know someone (whether a church member of not) who is not on the internet could you please take them a printed copy of the service and explain what is happening.

A practical tip - if the sound is not very loud on your device try using ear/headphones or linking your device to a TV.